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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some FAQ's. More information can be found in our Rental Policies, which you will have to sign as part of reserving a boat for rent. 

Can I rent a boat with Boothbay Boat Rental if I have no boating experience?

No, for your own safety you must have prior boating experience before you can rent a boat from us.

Is there a minimum age to rent a boat with Boothbay Boat Rental?

You must be 26 years of age or older to rent a boat from us.

Do you require a deposit when I make a reservation?

Yes. For a 1 day rental, a deposit equal to the rental amount will be due when you make the reservation. For all other rental periods, the deposit amount will be 50% of the entire rental fee.

What is your cancellation policy?

If more than 15 days prior to your reservation, you would be refunded in full less any transaction processing charges that might have accrued (typically around 3%). If within 15 days of your reservation, there is no refund. 

What is your weather policy?

All weather cancellations are at the sole discretion of BBR staff. The following conditions must be present at the time of rental and be forecasted to persist throughout the rental period such that it prevents any use of the boat during the rental period: consistent rain or thunderstorms, winds of more then 25 mph or small craft warning, fog with less than a mile visibility. Cloudy skies, overcast, or less than ideal temperatures do not trigger a weather cancellation.

When and where do I pick up and return the boat?

Rentals start at 9:00 AM. A BBR staff member will notify you the day before your rental starts specifying whether pick up will be at at Hodgdon Yacht Services (100 Ebenecook Rd, Southport, ME) or Hodgdon Marina (85 McFarland Point Drive, Boothbay Harbor, ME). Rentals are due back at the location that the rental started by 4:30 PM on the final day of the rental. 

When I rent a boat from Boothbay Boat Rental, where can I go?

Our navigation area covers the coastal waters from the Sheepscot River north to Wiscasset, the Damariscotta River north to Damariscotta, east to John's Bay, and south to Damariscove and surrounding islands. For specific navigation area, please see the BBR navigation chart supplied at the time of rental.

Do your prices include fuel?

Prices DO NOT include fuel. The rental boat fuel tank will be full at time of pickup and the renter is responsible for the fuel used. The fuel prices vary and will be the prices in effect at the time of the rental at Hodgdon Yacht Services and Hodgdon Marina locations. BBR expects the gas tank to be refilled at or immediately before the time of the return of the boat. 

Do your rental boats have chart plotters?

Yes. And there are also are many navigation apps that are free or can be purchased for relatively low cost to aid the operator of the boat. A few worth looking into further include: ArgoNavionics, iNavX, and cMaAP.

Do children or babies count towards the total capacity of the boat?

Yes, babies and children count towards the total capacity regardless of size or weight. Per Maine State Law, children under the age of 13 are required to wear a life jacket. If you have a life jacket that fits them well, you are encouraged to bring it. We have a limited number of children sized life jackets available.  

What is your pet policy?

One pet (dog or cat only) is allowed, but an extra clean up fee may be applied at the discretion of the BBR staff. We recommend that you bring extra towels to put down on the seats on the boat to protect them and to dry off your pet if they go in the water or get sand/dirt on them.

What if I am late returning the rental?

There is a late return fee of $25 for the first 15 minutes and then $100 an hour for any portion of an hour after that. 

Am I liable for damage to the boat?

Yes, renters are responsible for all damages to the rental boat and any liabilities incurred during the rental period. More on this can be found in the BBR Waiver & Rental Agreement.

What are prohibited acts?

Prohibited acts include: towing and recovery of other boats, night driving and driving in bad weather or high winds, smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages by the skipper or any other operator, consumption of substances that impair the skipper's ability to operate the vessel, waterskiing, wakeboarding, tubing, knee boarding, banana boats, and any other tow sport activities while piloting your rental boat.

What if there is a problem while we are out on the water?

If you do encounter an issue, please call Sea Tow right away, the Rental boat is covered by a Sea Tow membership. In the event of an emergency, please call the coast guard or dial 911.

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